Feature in The Southern Courier

8th August 2017

"Sian Luxford as Mary’s maid, Jane, could not have been more perfectly cast.

Her character’s loyalty to Mary has the audience on side from the beginning, but her moment to shine was when conversing with another househand, where [she] gave the audience laugh after laugh and due cause to sing Luxford’s praises."

- TheatreBuzzAU​

Reviews for 'The Women'

(The Depot Theatre, September 2016)

" The scene between the maids Jane (Sian Luxford) and Maggie (Chloe Pryce) was incredibly magnetising and I wish I could watch it over and over again. Luxford and Pryce had a brilliant comedic chemistry and the scene was without fault for comedic timing, dramatic irony and wit."

"Sian Luxford balances a publicly mild maid and then privately melodramatic woman, which makes the informative scene more enjoyable" 

                                                                                                                            - Talking Arts



"Sian Luxford is excellent as Jane, demonstrating great comic timing and facial expressions"


 - The AU Review

Interview with Edgewise​

 "Each scene brings moments of hilarity and top notch comedic timing, notably when a quick-witted Irish maid [Chloe Pryce] and her sidekick [Sian Luxford] spend an inordinate amount of time analysing their boss’ extra marital affair"​ 

                                                                    - ArtsHub Australia